Revenue Recognition is changing with ASC 606 - are you ready?

Later this year and moving into 2018, revenue recognition rules are changing and your business is likely to be affected.

Are you ready for the changes?

Many businesses will find that the new rules will add administrative overheads to their business operations, particularly if their financial accounting and ERP systems cannot cope with the new revenue recognition requirements.

NetSuite have put together a 3 part series of webinars, explaining the impact of the ASC 606 revenue recognition changes and how you should prepare for them, introduced in the video below:

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Webinar part 1 - Prepare Your Business for ASC 606

NetSuite Head of Industry Marketing Ranga Bodla interviews NetSuite Global Controller Mike Forman on how to prepare your business for the new rev rec standard.

Webinar part 2 - Insights from KPMG on ASC 606

Live interview with Prasadh Cadambi of KPMG to see through the lens of an auditor on the new rev rec standard ASC 606.

Webinar part 3 - Wall Street's Take on ASC 606

Jason Maynard, SVP Strategy & Marketing at NetSuite interviews Kash Rangan, Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, on the work he’s done with public companies to prepare for the new standard, and the impact Wall Street is expecting it to have

For more information or advice on how the new revenue recognition rules will affect your business, please contact us via our contact page here.